5 steps to the perfect children’s party

1, Planning

Have a plan/timetable of when you want to cut the cake, play pass the parcel, eating times etc.

Think of a party theme, superheroes, Paw patrol, Princesses etc send out invites suggest fancy dress maybe?

Paw patrol party theme

Paw patrol party theme

2, Layout

Think about the seating for the adults, positioning of the music/loud speakers. Maybe a changing room for any Mascots? A nice quiet area for the face painter where a queue can form safely. There are always 2 or 3 children stood around watching. They find it fascinating!

It’s always nice to have a table set aside in the hall for presents and cards. Keep them safe.

3, Helpers

Assign family members or friends to help unwrap the food, blow up balloons or go home to fetch the cake safely. People generally want to help, get them involved and lighten the load.

4, Length of party

2-3 hours is the standard length of a party. Children do get tired, over excited and the best way to end a party is to announce to the children to get their party bags at the door.

5, Be flexible

If the party is at home and outside have a back up with the weather. A treasure hunt indoors looking for chocolate coins maybe?

Whilst its great having a big class party its also nice when you have smaller intimate parties of maybe 8 children or so.

Remember it’s your party, your budget and you know your child the best.

Hope these tips have helped xx



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