Face painting and the transformation!

Well it is just face paint right?

No it’s more than that, to the child it’s a chance to become superman, their favourite animal or princess. A chance to express themselves, to be creative and role play their favourite character.

I have seen the quietest children sit in my seat, softly speaking telling me what they would like painted. They sit ever so still awaiting the transformation. Sometimes we talk colours, ideas, sometimes we just sit and enjoy the moment and relax.  For some children it is a moment to chill in a very busy party. Either way the reaction when they look in the mirror is priceless.

There are many reactions in the mirror here are just a few –

1) the cheesy smile in the mirror.

2)The squint and close inspection in the mirror, almost surprised with the transformation

3) then the quick glance at the mirror then jump down off the seat with a big roar, or superhero pose.

All are just as fabulous, I just love the fact that for some children it gives them a sense of confidence, a feeling of being special.

Each child is different and I always respect their choice of design. After all it’s important to give a child choice and a sense of self worth and it feels like a great honour to be part of the happy memories.

Face painting is a great way to make your party fun and create happy memories that last for years.

Whether he wants a Peter Pan face paint, Batman/Spiderman face-paint or she wants a butterfly on her arm, all popular designs can be painted or you can request a special theme e.g Frozen, Jungle book, Paw patrol. Let their imaginations run wild!

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