Aircraft model kits….

I used to love receiving an aircraft model kit for Christmas. I had a real passion for airplanes as a kid, I loved going to the air shows to see the displays. It was a chance to see the wonders of the Red Arrows or the latest jet showing off it’s talents.

I too showed to have a talent with the painting of the aircraft kits. I must have been only about 9 or 10yrs when I took some in to show and tell in school. This prompted the teacher to start an after school club for model making. Cool!

It was a chance to get making some models, however I soon realised the gluing and assembling bit didn’t interest me. I used to work as fast as the glue would let me so I could get to the painting part!

Now in hindsight I realise I just loved to paint. I painted the intricate camouflage patterns on the plane to the pilot and his detailed flying suit. I had the smallest of brushes and had a good steady hand to paint. I used to sit somewhere quiet to concentrate, sharp intake of breath, holding my breath to paint all the small details without any wobbling!

Once all painted they looked fab hanging from the ceiling in my blue bedroom with fishing line doing the job perfectly. Invisible fishing line and white painted drawing pins to give a seemless finish.

Oooh I would love to paint an aircraft model kit again……good memories x

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