Washable wipes – reducing my plastic use

I thought it would be nice on the 95th birthday of David Attenborough to write this blog and my efforts to reduce the use of plastic in my work.

I have been very inspired in recent years to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our everyday lives and in work. The documentaries by David Attenborough really hit home the cost to this planet the use of one use plastic we all take for granted.

I had already in 2018 made a change and stopped using wet wipes or baby wipes in my work. Not only are they harsh on the hands (chemicals) on a busy all day event but I was shocked to discover they contain plastic! Single use products like wet wipes contain non-biodegradable plastics such as polyester and can take up to 100 years to break down!

A bit of research and remembering the cotton wipes I used when my son was little, I found a similar product I could use in my face painting work. I now use Cheeky wipes made from bamboo cloth. I just put a drop of sanitiser on the wipe and use that to wipe my hands. All washable and no plastic waste being discarded in the bin heading for the landfill.

Washable bamboo cloth wipes

It is not advised to use some baby wipes on the face anyhow, and the chemicals in them can react with the face paint on the face! Best thing to wash off face paint is a bit of soap and a flannel or lather a bit of baby shampoo or baby soap. Check out a previous blog on all that subject …..

So here to the legend David Attenborough, I wish you a Happy birthday and may you continue inspiring the generations to make changes…..if everyone makes a small change, it mounts up to big results!

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