Biodegradable plastic free glitter!

Well I have been making the changes over the last 2 years changing my stock of glitters over to the plant based biodegradable glitters! Not only is it free of micro plastics, cosmetic safe but also vegan friendly and not tested on animals. So it is a win, win!

Luckily the last few years the industry has received a big push from the lovely face painters out there, all eager to make changes. It is a small step but the industry has took on board our wishes and now we have a fabulous range of eco glitters to choose from!

Great for the festivals that are going plastic free, very little change to our pocket and it is great to know that the glitter will break down in the soil, compost or wastewater environments.

It will be so nice to see a return to the festivals after such a long break from covid. A return to celebrations with family and friends enjoying the live music and ambience…..just what we need! What better way than to be decorated with the festival glitters, a perfect way to finish off the festival outfit! All with the knowledge that it is eco friendly, safe to the environment and biodegradable.

Where will your next festival trip be I wonder?

biodegradable glitter station
glitter station at corporate event

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