My story……

Here at Irene’s Face Painting we have very high standards; we aim to provide a personal, professional and magical service. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story with you so you can understand my journey and why I have such endless enthusiasm for face painting.

‘We is in Dream country,’ the BFG said. ‘This is where all dreams is beginning.’

I fell in love with face painting in December 2012 when I had training at the play centre where I worked. I have always been a creative type having spent many years as a graphic designer in the printing industry. After having children I needed to take a change in jobs so the school agency work and soft play centre was just the thing I needed. However little did I know I was about to ignite my creative side again….all it took was a face paint kit and some brushes.

Jump forward a bit and I soon found myself being asked for party bookings and indeed found very little time for my soft play job. So I took the plunge and went self employed! That was 4 years ago and I have not looked back!
I have built up my team of face painters traveling across South Wales, Forest of Dean and Bristol. We regularly paint at sport events, celebrations, store openings and of course personal celebrations like weddings and birthdays. Indeed we paint all ages spreading our love of painting with a sparkle and a smile!
Face painting is a great way to make your party fun and create happy memories that last for years.
Face painting by Irene – painting memories x
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