Mural – Climbing new heights!

This time last year in May 2021 I had just completed and revealed the biggest community space mural project to date!

Winter lockdown was a tough one, for the self employed artists….this community space mural came along at the right time for me. I just can’t explain it but when I visited the mural I knew it was the right project for me, it literally did call me.

The brief….to repaint and preseve and existing 30 year old mural. All I had to work from was a very faded, crumbling mural and a small photograph of how it orginally looked before weather and time had taken it’s toll.

Before and after – what a difference!

A little detective work was needed, a photograph taken 30 years ago was my saviour.

Working up close on the scaffolding at height recreating flowers petal by petal following the original artist brushstrokes, goosebumps just thinking about it.

There was plenty of cement work to repair the cracks and missing render from years of weather and ivy damage. I had to make sure it was weatherproof from frost and rain, repairing the cracks and stopping the rain and frost from getting behind the render. Preserving it for many years to come.

Climbing new heights! My community space mural on show at a cafe courtyard for all to enjoy.

The easy way would have been just to spray over it, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing for the mural, for the original art and for the family business that this mural means so much more to them.

The day I finished I felt very emotional. I put my heart and soul into this mural. I fell in love with the mural. Difficult days from hailstones, high winds and a frost (which delayed the start by a day). I had blisters from all the cement work, often getting cement or paint in my hair, sunburnt cheeks but boy was it worth it! I enjoyed many hours of singing along to the radio and my daily fix of popmaster too.

In painting this mural I have pushed myself, literally climbing new heights! I have achieved so much, and proved to myself I can do this!

I have gained friends too, we have laughed and cried at poignant moments in this mural. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, may the mural give you many years of happiness has it indeed given me in painting it.

Public art murals/Community spaces – Face Painting by IreneFace Painting by Irene


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